A/Prof Yongjian Ke @ UTS, Australia

My Academic Journey

I find myself at the intersection of engineering and society, unraveling the complexities of infrastructure projects. Much of my research has been a thrilling ride. I find Public-Private Partnerships particularly fascinating, especially in the contexts of Australia and China. This interest leads me to explore areas like risk allocation, contracting behaviours, and social dynamics in projects.

My current focal points are deeply interconnected, painting a holistic picture of modern infrastructure. First, there's the Social License for Infrastructure. Imagine walking into a community's collective space and asking, 'How do you feel about that new highway or wind farm?' This project aims to gauge public sentiment and gain societal approval, which is crucial for any successful venture. But approval is just the beginning. That's where my second area, Value Co-Creation in Infrastructure, takes over. It's not merely about constructing edifices but about building relationships and shared value. Here, we're extending the dialogue from the community's living room to the planning table, ensuring that the benefits are not just one-sided but co-created, affecting everyone from large contractors to local small business owners.

Wind back the clock a bit, and you'd find me deep in the research that set the stage for what I'm up to these days. I was keen on the nitty-gritty of infrastructure projects—risk, contracts, the lot—and sussed out how these factors come together to make or break a project, offering new insights that were later adopted by both industry and academia. Alongside that, I had a fair crack at understanding public sentiment about infrastructure projects by diving into social media. I wasn't just tallying up 'likes' or 'shares'; I used sentiment analysis algorithms to get a proper read on what people were actually on about, offering real-world insights for more socially sustainable projects.

Beyond Research Papers

I wear a few other hats alongside my primary role. I serve as an Editor for the Project Management Journal and as the Australian Editor for the International Journal of Project Organisation and Management. I am also a Research Associate at the Australia-China Relations Institute. Far from being sideline activities, these roles are integrated parts of my academic journey, enriching my research and extending its reach.

Fresh From My Desk

I'm particularly excited about our most recent publications, which add new layers of understanding to the fields they explore. These are 'Make Sense of the Definition of PPPs', 'Social Sustainability of Aged Care PPPs: Measurement and Current Status | Critical Practices and Realisation Paths' and 'Social License for Infrastructure: Validation of Applicability | Case Studies in China'.

Academic Scoreboard

On the metrics side, I've contributed to over 140 publications that have cumulatively received more than 6,700 citations. For those who value the h-index, mine is currently at 34. I was ranked among the top 2% scientists in the single years of 2019 and 2022.

Within the Ivory Tower

I'm also deeply involved in teaching and supervision. My teaching philosophy leans towards a blend of practice-oriented and research-integrated methodologies. As a supervisor, I've had the pleasure of guiding PhD students to not just publish but also win awards for their exceptional work.

Reach Out

I'm currently working remotely but remain accessible. Email is the most efficient way to reach me, and I'm also present on LinkedIn, UTS Profile, and Google Scholar for more academic interactions.

For a more detailed snapshot of my career, my complete CV is available for your perusal.