A/Prof Yongjian Ke @ UTS, Australia

My Academic Journey

My academic journey commenced with a Bachelor of Engineering in Project Management from Tsinghua University (2001-2005), followed by a PhD in Management Science and Engineering from the same university (2005-2010), specialising in equitable risk allocation for public-private partnership projects in China. I then progressed to a Research Fellow position at the National University of Singapore (2010-2013). Subsequently, I joined the University of Newcastle as a Lecturer in Construction Management (2013-2016). Since 2016, I have been with the University of Technology Sydney, initially as a Senior Lecturer in Project Management and, since January 2022, as an Associate Professor of Project Management.

Key Research and Projects

My research has focused on the intricate dynamics of infrastructure projects, predominantly revolving around project management and public-private partnerships in the Australian and Chinese contexts, investigating risk allocation, contracting behaviours, and social dynamics. My current research interests centre around ESG, social licence for infrastructure, social value, and value co-creation in projects. This involves understanding public sentiment and engagement for successful infrastructure developments and fostering relationships for mutual benefits. My ongoing projects include a PMI grant on governing ESG, an NSFC project investigating value co-creation, and another NSFC project on social licence for infrastructure.

Recent Publications

On the metrics side, I've contributed to over 140 publications that have cumulatively received more than 7,000 citations. My h-index is currently at 35. I was ranked among the top 2% scientists in the single years of 2019 and 2022. I'm particularly excited about our most recent publications, which add new layers of understanding to the fields they explore. These are 'A Systematic Literature Review on Social Sustainability of Communities', 'Make Sense of the Definition of PPPs', 'Social Sustainability of Aged Care PPPs: Measurement and Current Status | Critical Practices and Realisation Paths' and 'Social License for Infrastructure: Validation of Applicability | Case Studies in China'.

Professional Roles and Contributions

In addition to my academic roles, I serve as the School Higher Degree Research Coordinator, an Editor for the Project Management Journal, the Australian Editor for the International Journal of Project Organisation and Management, and the Communications Coordinator of CIB Working Commission W122 ‐ Public Private Partnership. I am a Research Associate at the Australia-China Relations Institute. These roles are integral to my academic journey, enriching my research and extending its reach.

Contact and Connect

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